I am a hippie, punk, scholar,realistic dreamer, writer, ambivert, animal fanatic, comic book nerd, and music lover living in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, OH.

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I’ve lived in Northern Kentucky area for 14 years, across the border from Cincinnati, OH and love sharing great locations for anyone to make life a little more extraordinary.  I focus on cheap and unpopular/obscure locations with occasional splurges.
Yes, I have white privilege and acknowledge I had things others don’t, but I also work hard to make travel possible by:
A) Not having kids
B) Not spending anything on material things (Netflix, new shoes). Literally I have had the same tennis shoes for at least 7 years.

C) Working at a school to get free tuition
D)Not buying furniture. I don’t have a couch at all.

E) Not going to bars/restaurants for fun. I hate alcohol.

F) Working overtime.

G) Not eating the proper way/having acne.

And many other things.  The best advice I can give is that every side of life has struggle (something I learned from The Outsiders, one of the best books of all time.)

In other words, I spend almost everything I have on travel and food. Sometimes art things.

I come from an AirForce helicopter family so travel has been in my blood since I was little. Along my life, though, I’ve developed Social Anxiety Disorder and want to get back to travel as something to help me learn about the world and people. It seems to help me with this disorder.