37 Cincinnati Day Trip Ideas for When Corona Ends

Are you new to cincinnati? Or just want to take a Cincinnati day trip when corona virus restrictions are over?

Here’s a full list of Cincinnati Day Trip Ideas!

1)  Mini-Golf

I recommend the glow in the dark mini golf course at Scene 75.

2) Antique Store

While there are some in Cincinnati that are nice, I recommend going across the bridge into Northern Kentucky for the Florence Antique Mall.  It is huge, has really unique items, and you can spend all day in it.  It really is the best I’ve been to thus far.

3) Cafe

So many options to choose from.  If you love poetry like me, though, I strongly recommend checking out Lydia’s on Ludlow.  Why is this such a unique cafe? I wrote about the origins on at this blog.

If you’re across the border in Northern Kentucky, I would also recommend Reality Tuesday Cafe.  They have incredible salads and smoothies for cheap.

4) Metaphysical Store

THE best store hands down Spirit Wind Trading Post.  They have all the crystals stones you want, much incense, and various Native American Items.  It’s a bit further East from Cincinnati but very worth the drive.

Or if you are into strange dark items, you can drive across the border and check out Hail Dark Aesthetics. It has things like Satanic ritual books, taxidermy, and teeth.

5) Bookstore

Again so many to choose from, but nothing beats Half Price Books.  You can get used books for a fraction of the cost you would spend at a major retailer.  They also take books you aren’t using and you get some money back for them!

6) Junkyard

If you need auto parts, check out Bessler’s U Pull U Save.

7) Nursery/Greenhouse/Garden/Park

Get some sunshine and be among Nature!

For nurseries, I DEFINITELY recommend Burger Farm and Garden.  It has everything you need!

If you’re not looking for garden accessories I worked at Blooming Garden Center and can confirm they take of their plants and have a wide variety of options.

Must See Parks in Cincinnati include Sawyer Park and Eden Park.

Want to volunteer and get your hands dirty?  Spend a day at the Civic Garden Center.

8) Thrift Store

Again many to choose from, but Goodwill is always a safe bet.  They have 50% off on Saturdays!

9) Comic Book Store

I’ve been all over NKY and Cincinnati, but once again I recommend driving over the bridge into NKY to visit Comics 2 Games.  Why? They also have Pinball machines you can play!

10) Music Instrument Store

Guitar Center in Florence, KY has the biggest selection I’ve seen!

11) Marina 

Head over to Kellogg Ave. in Cincinnati.  There are many places!

12) Roller Dome

Beechmont Rollareena is great and close to the Spirit Wind Trading Post I was talking about earlier in my Metaphysical section.

13) Farmer Market

You have to check out Findlay Market.  The best part is that it’s absolutely free to walk around and browse!

14) Factory Tour

Rhinegeist Brewery welcomes you, along with Doscher’s Candies.

If you’re over the bordern in Norther Kentucky, Perfetti Van Melle the maker of Air Heads gives some free ones out on the tour last time I checked.

15) Amusement Park 

King’s Island is very popular.

16) Airport

If you are looking for a smaller airport, try Lunken in the East of Cincinnati.  It’s really cool to see the  airplanes parked.  They also have a museum and cafe I recommend stopping by.

If you just want to watch commercial airplanes fly over the airport, the viewing area is located near Erlanger, KY.

17) Art Gallery

You can always check out the official Art Museums of Cincinnati, but there are also low key ones hidden through Cincinnati you can go to for cheap.

More to come later.

18) Tattoo Shop

When I lived near Northern Kentucky University, I had the opportunity to talk with a local Tattoo Shop owner, so I recommend Pike Tattoo.  The staff is really friendly and you can check out their designs on their walls or via social media sites.

19) Organic Grocery Store

Want to smell good smells? Check out Whole Foods around Cincinnati or Fresh Thyme in Newport, KY.

If you want international items from any culture, there is Jungle Jims.

20) Pet Store

Many local ones.  PetSmart has a wide selection!

21) Library

Cincinnati Public Library actually has a built in music recording studio if you want to lay down a track.

Otherwise, many local options.

22) Craft Store

Michael’s is where it’s at!  They also offer free craft classes occasionally.

23) Florist

I recommend Petris Floral and Boutique in Bellevue, KY.   While you are there, check out my recommendation for #39 on this list.

24) Skate Park

Sadly I never see many in Cincinnati, so I would say you might want to come across into Kentucky to visit the Florence Skate Park.  There is also one near Newport, KY.

25) Orchard 

I have not been here yet, but Hidden Valley Orchard is on my bucket list.  They have fall apple picking festivals!

26) Zoo

Check out our world famous hippo, Fionna at the Cincinnati Zoo.

27) Flea Market

On weekends I sometimes hit up Peddler’s Flea Market near California, OH in the East side.

28) Circus (these are hard to find, but if you can definitely worth it!)  If you come down into Ludlow, KY.

There is a unique bar that offers entertainment called Bircus Brewery.  I heard they have Tight Rope walking lessons too!

29) Cemetery

The biggest one in Cincinnati is Spring Grove.

30) Museum

If you are looking for unique museums that are out of the usual destinations, Cincinnati author Kathy Witt lists some great ones in her book Secret Cincinnati.

31) Retirement Home

Go visit an elderly person and provide some company.

32) Canoe Rental

I recommend Fifty West.

If you’re in Northern Kentucky, AJ Jolly Park is cool.

34) Church/Mosque

More to come on this later.

35) Yoga Studio

If you are in Northern Kentucky, I personally recommend Full Body Yoga which has cheap options.

My friend also teaches in Cincinnati at Barre 3 if you want a more intense workout that combines yoga.

36) Magic Shop

A little birdy told me that Haine’s House of Cards is a must see.

37) Party Store

Go to any local Party City or costume shop.  They are open during Corona!

38) Beach

Did you know we actually have a beach in Ohio? This is a well kept secret.  Visit this beech and check out my #4 along the way there.

39) Sno Cone Establisment

You can always hit up Kona stands around the city, but the hands down BEST in the area is Schneider’s Sweet Shop.  They have sno cones with ice cream in the middle.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, drive west and check out Sno Castle in Latonia, KY.  Last time I checked, their small size was $2.50.

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