Bored and No Internet (29 Games to Play)

I’m not a fan of playing video games as someone who likes to use her surroundings rather than live in a fantasy world.  No offense to video game lovers (no shame or blame), I would just rather have fun with actual people.  Here are some of the games that have gotten me out of literal boredom in work and personal situations.  Am I stuck in the 90s? Yes, forever! But I really don’t want to hear that anyone is “bored” ever again.

  1. MAFIA-Spectator hands out cards to a group. King of clubs is “hitman.” Every night the hitman choses a victim. Find him before everyone dies or he wins.
  2. Cakewalk-Ok, so maybe you need money for this one. Musical chairs+cakes when you lose. How does this activity not make anyone happy?
  3. M.A.S.H.-You can do it the traditional way…OR you can make up fun answers for everyone to laugh.
  4. Walrus-For my fellow Aries people who like to fight about arbitrary things. Name something small. Next person names something that is better and bigger than the first thing. Repeat until this gets ridiculous and you get into arguments about whether clouds are better than pixie sticks.
  5. ABC-Pick any category. Name something in that category that starts with A. Next person is B, etc etc.
  6. Marry Shag Kill (Marry Feed Time Out) –Play it G rated or R rated, this never fails.
  7. Up Jenkins-You know this if you’re an office fan! Pass a quarter underneath the table. Everybody hands up, fists clenched (up Jenkins). Everyone slams their hands on the table (down jenkins). Guesser picks who has the coin.
  8. Hot Lava- I’ve literally played this in a call center (though I wouldn’t advice unless you are leaving like I was)
  9. Make it or Break It-Act like you’re dating someone. Friends name a characteristic or action your date might do and ask if you would still date them.  This was turned into a TV show called Baggage.
  10. KEMPS-Again you need cards and good acting skills, plus 4 people.
  11. 5 Things-This was on a Markiplier video and I laughed for hours. Name a category and 5 things under it, like “5 things not to say to a Priest.”
  12. Dead Celebrities-Each person names a dead celebrity until someone can’t think of any more (alternative version via movie GO!)
  13. Big Little- This was on the show Zoom. You say “big” but motion the opposite or “little” and motion the opposite to another person. They do the same thing. Repeat until your brain gets confused.
  14. 21 Questions-Think of something. Every person gets to ask one question about it. Figure out what the mystery thing is with questions.
  15. 5 Second Summary-A great segment with Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samburg. You describe a movie plot in 5 seconds and the other person has to try and guess it.
  16. Would You Rather-Two things. Which would you rather try?
  17. Ha Game-Each person’s head lies on another person’s belly. First person says “Ha!” Second person says “Ha!” until somebody laughs.
  18. Cup Game-If you’ve seen the movie Pitch Perfect, everyone does that musical pattern on a cup and passes it to next. Beat gets faster and faster until the winner remains.
  19. Finish the Lyric/Quote- For film and/or music fans. Finish the quote!
  20. Balderdash- You can play this with the official game board or without. One person tells a dictionary term. Everyone else guesses the meaning. Guess correctly/closest, win a point.
  21. Hide the Saltine- Courtesy of Scrubs the TV show. Hide a cracker anywhere. Person who finds it gets a point!
  22. Crack an Egg (Back Drawing)-Draw something on someone’s back. They have to try and guess what the object is. I vaguely remember chanting “there’s an egg on your back and the yolk running down running down…”
  23. SPEED-another card game where fast is the only way to win.
  24. Marco Polo-you don’t need necessarily need a pool.
  25. Word in a Word- Name a long word.  Everyone has to make as many words as they can from that big word.
  26. Rap/ Rhyme Battle-each person rhymes until one can’t.
  27. Ghost Story-make it up or not!
  28. Letter Game-Pick a letter. Name as many things you can with that letter. First one who can’t think loses!
  29. Best Friend-Via Jimmy Fallon games, spectator asks a question both of you should know. You both right down answer. If you both say the same, you get points.


Did I miss a fun game? I plan to increase this list over the years (hopefully), so let me know in the comments and let’s make this list huge!



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