Best Sno Cone of Northern Kentucky

The heat was in the nineties and I was working outside loading mulch and moving around flowers at my temporary garden summer job. This situation constantly had me craving slushies, and I vocalized my need to my coworkers—admitting I had gone to more Burger King more than I needed to that month to get frozen lemonade with ice cream in it.  One of my coworkers asked me, “Have you been to Schneider’s in Bellevue?”

Unsurprisingly I had never heard of Schneider’s.  Even though I’ve lived in Northern Kentucky for 14 years, as a teenager I spent it mostly watching movies, making art and playing music.  After hearing about how the ice cream in “ice balls” stuck in the middle and didn’t melt, I was completely hooked, and decided to go that evening.  When I shared this with my other coworkers, a couple of them swore that Sweet Tooth was in fact the better option, since they had the better candies.  What followed was my addition to this treat during the summer, rotating back and forth between the two stores.

But who has the better ice ball, Schneider’s or Sweet Tooth?

Who Was First?

Schneider’s came first, opening up its doors in 1939, and is currently owned by Jack Schneider (son of founder Robert) and his brother Robert Jr.  Later in 1969, Robert Jr. started Sweet Tooth in Newport.


At Sweet Tooth you can get a medium watermelon ice ball for $3.87.  Schneider’s is a bit more expensive at $5.08.  However, the sizing of Schneider’s is a little larger.


Schneider’s on left, Sweet Tooth on the right


I noticed both have the same sweet watermelon taste, but the clerk at Schneider’s offered me extra syrup for no extra cost.  The extra syrup made the flavor stronger, giving it a delightful slushy consistency.  In comparison, Sweet Tooth always has a hard center that is more difficult to pierce through.  Also, the ice cream in Schneider’s treats seem to be a little creamier.


“Why is Sweet Tooth better than Schneider’s?” I ask the woman making my concoction.  “Oh we love Schneider’s” she replies, “that’s our boss!”  I was surprised at her nice answer, expecting a competitive rivalry between the two businesses.


Final Verdict

Schneider’s is great for value and taste.  The extra flavor and ice cream makes it worth your money.

However, if you want to save a couple dollars Sweet Tooth is almost equivalent and has the nicest attitude ever.

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