2000’s Poetry

Man Whore

Hate how I love you

When you don’t reply—

They love how I hate you

It’s all one big lie.


Do you think of her

When you’re sleeping around,

Or do you black out

The breathless sounds?


You try to forget

In a great pair of thighs

But later remember

All those late night cries.



Bloody Eye

Looks like someone dropped

A little vial of red dye,

Which spread around the corner

Of the white part of my eye.

I wish you wouldn’t stare

It makes me more depressed,

I know my scary eye

Looks totally possessed.



Hazel Eyes

Dancing leaves twirl,

Jumping into the wind.

They take a risk

Their one thrill in life.

Grass is a wholesome protector,

It cushions their fall.

The faceless mass

Who scurry south

Keep their pace.

Tick tick. Tick tick.

Tick tick.  Tick tick.

While I lay against my ephiphany tree,

(aviators cover my hazel eyes)

Bathing in peace.


Times of Dreaming

Flaming stars.

Which direction is best?

The rest obsessed

While some protest…

(excluding the night)


To shimmer brightest.

The hollow moon guards them,

It’s good he’s alert.

While birds

With small brains suffer.

No moonbeam to guide them.

Onward stars,

Infinity awaits.


Ode to Winter

Footprints portray uncertainty

Eventually uncover me.

Grey sky surround the evertree—

Each snowflake bares design.

The sea is chilly near the north—

Go forth and spill the Spanish wine.

Blankets conceal my lazy mind,

And dreams leave yesterday behind.


My Teeny Secret

I hide my love,

You’ll never know,

How much I really

Like you so.

Play it off like

No big deal,

But all affections of

Mine real.

Surprised at how you

Stir my heart,

Although we are

Miles apart.

We’re so diverse

You’d think I’d groan,

But I can’t wait

‘Till we’re alone.


Sometimes and Because

I don’t know what to say sometimes,

So I just stay away sometimes,

You make me shake so hard sometimes,

It’s really hard to take sometimes.


I hate when you’re not there because,

Stare at your empty chair because

I miss you but won’t fret because

I know that you’re still well.


What Rhymes with Goodbye


Love is dry like rye,

When I look twice by eye

It passes by.

And then rainbow switches

Light up the sky

And I wake with new reason.



Perfect undefined,

I lie belly up

Toward infinity,

Soaring through clouds.




The W’s


What wacky world we wonder

Whilst we whittle wild wood.

When whistles wake the wine whales,

Who wine (and so they should).

Wise is the worm who writhes to wander

Weakly into water.

The winning winter wishes that

The summer would have fought her.



Round the droopy willow trees

I lay in grass to catch some Z’s.

The breeze of summer told me why

It was so late, and so I sigh.


The sky is orange, tangerine,

And I’m the spirit in between.

I’ve seen the castles, seen the loch’s,

Felt for perfect skimming rocks-

My left eye opens to make sure

The sturdy willow

Is still pure.


Untitled II


Showing, growing, always knowing.

Thread a needle, call it sewing.

Lustfull moon turns into black,

Invented footsteps take it back.

Sleep my soul and shaky hands—

I will dream of silver sands.


Night & Chimes


I walk the dirt road

Toward the valley of windchimes.

My feet grip the earth,

Bare and unclean.

The ones in the trees

Made of wood hardly seen.

Harmonious rainbows

Glimmer from waves.


The slimmer moon

Came out to dance,

Enjoy it’s flashy fling.

The audience of shadows

Gazing in awe while

The windchimes sing.



Imperfection at it’s finest:

A scar, a gap, a mole or two

Some freckles or one

Eye that’s blue.

A crooked nose, misshapen smile

Beguiles, while most

Think only vile.

A lazy eye, a missing ear,

I’m no seer but this is clear.

Without our flaws

Perfect would reign,

That’s nothing really

Worth the gain.


Untitled III


Windy secrets pass the sky

And thru your hands I see my form

When doors are shut and curtains sigh

Who listen to the loathing norm.


Sailing ship pass in the morning

I wait near the rising sun.

The creatures dance toward missing shadows.

Listen, listen, twinkle chimes.


Ocean spilling over bathtub,

Make a noise and hear the truth.

Paint my face in shapes and colors—

Rhino with a bleeding tooth.


Dancing in the flower garden

We put lilies in our hair and

Taste the raindrops near our baggage

Bare to circles shaped in dirt.


Untitled IV


Magic flutes spin round her head

She lets her tongue soak in the pill/

You would be the night ungrounded,

Watching tigers take the kill.

Her hair is blowing and her face

And veins and heart witness me love/

Above the castle made of ice, A

Glowing golden dove.


In the pages in the keyboard/

Words of hatred, waste of time,

I’m flying in the ozone layer.

See the rivers call and shine.

Pass the joint, we’ll wallow early,

Sleep around a willow tree/

Prisms glitter from her roots and

I expect my mind to be.


Untitled Again


Here’s another poem I wrote,

It could just be a song.

The teacher smiles without his teeth

And hits the heavy wrong.

A path of stardust points the way

To reach the endless time between.

My windmills remain still and silent—

Strangest sights I’ve never seen.

The nonsense rolling in my brain

Comes out in words, comes out in tunes,

Intended meaning won’t exist

Upon my many orbit moons.

Shun the critics, why the faces,

Deathgrip on my E chord string

And sing and shrug with calling danger—

Barefoot for a moments fling.


Blue flame settles on my lake,

We sit there and applaud the view—

A phoenix rises from the water.

Not what I would expect it to do.


Money trees hacked to the stump—

Twenty three times past the bump.

Danger, Stranger, Hermoine Granger,

Bowties, Peach Pies, Kid cries, manger.

Backlight, head height,

Dream balloon flight—

Barren wastesight

In the night.


Visual Cortex


Strong sensations

Make reality clearer.

See the hawk stare

Back from the mirror.

The glass is melting into peace,

And I can rest my mind again.

Sharp contrasts awake my dream

From the truth I can’t redeem.


Colors swirling into view

With precision floating by,

Spelling words and spelling letters—

Then disappear

Into the sky.


Raindrops rolling up my windshield

Makes me sleepy in the car.

Squint to see the common people

Walking backwards from afar.


Baby shoes.

Ocean blues.


Funny news.


Sleepy Confessions


I am sleepy,

Warm and snug.

Like a little

Lightning bug.

Or firefly, to be specific

On the fading hieroglyphic.

Rain is falling gently on the

Sturdy camper roof.

I hear droplets dripping

From the leaves of Nature’s youth.


The perfect lullaby to end

A day of gathered steam.

I’ll close my eyes this second

And collect a stolen dream.


My Ocean

You are the coral lurking

At the bottom of my sea.

It’s not your choice to be there

But you’re still a part of me.


I could have killed you long ago

But then what would I be?

With no ocean creature [landscape]

I would be an empty sea.


You’re still growing,

Always breathing,

You might not know

That you’re alive

But I’ve come to the decision

You’re one reason I survive.


Others are just animals,

Passing through the blue.

Sharks, and ships, and manta rays

Are nothing next to you.


Untitled #7


Forests are illuminated

By the giant bubbles.

Flying through reflecting rainbows,

Wash away your troubles.

I poke holes in Styrofoam

To make Kindergarden art,

Pay my taxes then

Take a nap and eat a sweet tart.

If you walk with bare feet

You can be one with the ground—

Nature is between your toes

It whispers all around.


By the Creek

To most it’s pollution.

No doubt it constricts

Minnows swimming

But those gleaming bottles

Await by the river.

Smooth speckled stones

Would make a great path

To another dimension.

Plastic containers,

Once filled with pretzels,

Could be my bongo drum.

This stick is my spear, and I’m a lost girl—

Feral but friendly.



Here’s a lost treasure map:

30% off any drink purchase.

‘Tis spell ingredients and I must hurry

Before the witch gets us.



Crushed leaves.

Stir it up.

I’ve saved humankind.


I Am From

I am from a cluster of twinkling stars,

I fell and crashed on Earth.

I am from the scorching ground,

The dry brown grass of Texas.

I am from the depths of a clear teal sea.




Geese land like planes,

Their wheels skim the surface.

Gradual stop,

Then belly flop.



Through the foaming waterfall

A bison, waiting, sits and thinks.

Blank scenery around him—

He sits and contemplates and winks.


Warehouse Troublemaker


I daydream.

Unrolling bubblewrap strips

I create a carpet,

Which makes everyone smile.

“What the hell?”

As they move outside.


I race Michael,

But my stacked boxes fall.

At lunch I climb shelves, t

Then take a nap

In an empty hole.

We make cardboard castles, and I

Convince Sarah to start a flash mob.

I wear kicks and shades,

Pushing play on my boombox

To “Fire Burning.”

We dance like Jersey Shore.


If there weren’t cameras.


Endless Dream

It’s raining Sunkist,

But I’m prepared

In my boat made of wafers

(the square flakey ones

With cream in the middle.)

I open

My Watermelon umbrella.


Floating toward the shore,

A group of gremlins

Wave me over

Their eyes like marbles,



I reach them,

They run away laughing.

A giant T-Rex mouth

Appears in my face.

The throat is a tunnel,

Rainbow swirls,

It’s ’82.


I’m in leather,

Pins punctured design.

My journey is endless

And I’m out of line.


Reality Banishing


I am not a writer,

But an idea partner

In the field of floating concepts.

I pass on clouds

Of Skittle rainbows

Waving (Queen Elizabeth style) at

Quacking ducks.

My derby sunhat

Provides shade

For the grey mouse I’m holding.

He whispers me words.



The lava lamp

Lights out world

In bloops and bubbles.

And I draw

My sword of gold to defeat giant.




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