EAA Plane Festival (80’s to Today)

My dad has gone to the official EAA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for years.  Here’s a picture from the 80’s to prove my point:

blimp @EAA

Crazy how things haven’t changed much, right?

Always being thirsty for travel, of course I said yes when he asked me to go years later.  We enter our campsite and the cold air makes my nose start running; I’m easily cold and was shivering.  We meet the locals who stereo-typically say Northern things like “Oh ya” which make me feel like I’m in the movie Fargo.

The next day at the festival we get to witness Richard Branson’s Virgin VMS Eve, a test space airplane in one of many outdoor tents.  We get pretzels.  We learn about new Ford engines for automobiles.  Pilots spell out words in the sky.  A lady waves to everyone on a contraption:

lady on airplane contraption.JPG

There are also a bunch of motorcycles to look at (Steve McQueen anyone?).white indian

Then there is an indoor museum where you can look at airplanes in history.  Of course the Wright brothers, one of the founders of the airplane, is included.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

If you’re a plane nerd who likes to gawk at Cessnas and Biplanes, you should really go to a plane festival once in your life.  Who knows? You might end up with a pretend pilot license like I did.

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