RIP Yesterday’s Tea Parlor in Florence, KY

When I was in college studying during the time I loved British Literature, I adored a place called “Yesterday’s” in Florence.  It was a small tea shop for private parties but also had a small cafe in the back for any tea connoisseurs to get exiting flavors for cheap.  A couple times I stopped in for a peppermint bark tea which was fantastic with creamer.

One day, my friend Angela and I decided to be fancy ladies and do a small private event.

reality tuesday getup.JPG

feast at reality tuesday.JPG

We ordered a which ended up costing us about the same as if we went to a regular cafe for lunch, from what I remember.  We each got a warm tea pot, slide of bread and a scone with fruit salad with marshmallows, a little nice treat.

Yesterday’s has closed down but it will forever be a fun day in my mind and I wish there were more tea shops in Cincinnati.  We have bubble tea but it was cool to feel like a British rich white lady for a day.

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