Sno Cone Treats @ Sno Castle (Latonia, KY)

On the other side of the Ohio River, close to Covington, KY is a quaint snow cone business I’ve loved coming to since I was in high school.

snow c

Many Snow cone places I’ve been to only have a limited amount of flavors and they don’t put a ton of ice for the price of their cups.

Sno-Castle has over 100 flavors.  Some of them are cleverly named, such as my favorite “Rock N Roll” which according to a worker there tastes like a “blue sweet tart” (I agree).  They have Buzz Lightyear and Hawaiian themes-there really is a flavor for everyone.  The smallest size, the Knight, is definitely worth your money and last time I went I believe it ran for $2.50 with plenty of ice and sauce in the cup.

Sno-Castle is a classic for anyone around the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati location and always has some kind of character (The last time I went a kid was doing the LMFAO shuffle). I highly recommend this hidden gem!


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