Cheap Art Lessons & Tie Die Everything (East Cincinnati)


Because of  wanting to be my new favorite YouTuber Stephi Lee, I wondered if there were any of the local “hippie” stores like the ones I encountered in California that felt like home.

One glimpse at Funky Sunshine’s Website made me very happy.  Not just because of  how the overall way the website is designed, but the fact the owner is dedicated to spreading joy through tie dying clothing.  It seemed like the store for me.

When I arrived I noticed a ton of art pieces in the window that immediately caught my attention, mainly a landscape oil piece of a street.  I stepped through I was greeted by the artist Sharon Obermeyer herself, who explained Funky Sunshine was next door and people come through hers all the time-a “brilliant marketing technique” I told her and she laughed.  Serendipity had struck me once again as I had slowly been getting back into Art and wanting to learn again.  She explained she was with an organization called Art Works of Cincinnati and that her lessons were $30, a complete STEAL compared to many “wine paint night” events I had considered in the past.  While I keep getting distracted by other interests and don’t have much funding at the moment, I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to learn art.

And then I moved to Funky Sunshine next door.  I expected a similar Hemptations stoner male vibe, but was surprised when I encountered the beautiful owner Stephanie and her sister in law Holly, who were all smiles working diligently on their owners and big smiles. Their small black protector dog immediately let me know he was the BOSS of the place, and made me nervous (though I can’t exactly blame him as I have a confusing and heavy presence at times).  He knew I wasn’t crazy about small yappy dogs, so my effort of getting down on the floor and quieting him wasn’t helpful and I left early, but in retrospect he assured me something I have needed to learn, respect and understanding for all walks of life.  Something I am consistently working on and hope to grow more positive each day.

While a lot of the clothing in Funky Sunshine was expensive for my budget and was too small for my figure, these two power women put a ton of effort into making each of their pieces unique and spreading love.  They also hold free events where you can make homeless mats with plastic bags, and I really recommend helping out to anyone who loves to crochet and great causes.



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