Texas Sea World Vacation in the 90’s (Travel Memory)

It’s been 13 years since I’ve lived in Texas, but one thing I will never forget is going to SeaWorld.

teeth entrance @seaworld

Me and my elementary friend posing with some plushie Pikachus (I wonder if they are still everywhere in the park?)

If you don’t mind being splashed every 5 minutes and like microbiology, this place is made for you.  Water is everywhere! From sprinklers you can walk through along the park, floating rafting rides, even the coasters have splash zones.

sara trying to pet dolphin @seaworld2Me hoping the dolphin comes over to me so I can pet it.  Bucket hats were totally IN during the 90’s.

Not only will you have fun all day, but interactive learning stations are all around, giving you fun facts about everything from starfish to ocean ecosystems.

sea world.jpg


SeaWorld had not gotten controversy yet when I was growing up, so I was astounded at the sheer tricks the killer whales performed with the trainers.

After the many accidents occurred, I can say I no longer I support the killer whale acts despite being wowed by the performance.

Yet even with that setback, SeaWorld has a lot to offer as an Education center, Waterpark, and Aquarium rolled into one.  I still recommend going at least once in your lifetime!

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