5 Favorite Best Apps of 2018

This year I found some fantastic apps and just wanted to share some of my favorites of the year.

1) Shapr

Similar to LinkedIn, this app focuses on connecting you with business professionals in your area.  While you can find specific people on LinkedIn, Shapr is more of a “russian roulette” setup.  Based on the hashtags you provide in what you are searching for, Shapr gives you 15 random like-minded individuals within your area daily.  You get to swipe left and right based on if you think you have similar goals or want to connect.  It’s kind of like Tinder but for Business networking.

Since I have been trying to find freelance writing gigs, my hashtags “#writing” and “#freelancing” has helped me in finding clients and new possible collaboration friends.  The only downside I’ve found is the fact sometimes it will pair you up with people that are long distance away (such as in another state), which can be bad if you are looking to connect with companies and individuals around you.

All in all a fantastic addicting app.


2) Patook

I’ve tried almost every app to find new platonic friends in my area.  From Bumble to MeetMe to Skout to OkCupid to We3.

Bumble was a definite favorite until I ran out of swipes.  In case you are not aware, once you swipe a certain amount of times, Bumble won’t let you swipe anymore unless you pay for more.  Since I’m broke, this option just doesn’t fly for me.  However, I would recommend anyone try it out.

While I did meet a couple cool people I clicked with on MeetMe and Skout, these two seemed to have minimal filters and many people were focused on casual hookups.  On both I put to only match me with females, and still got many inboxes/”winks” of male one liners.

OkCupid is fairly better at filtering out people you don’t want to talk to, however I still found there was an underlying “hookup” tone where the primary goal was to find flirty friends.  Hey!Vina and We3 didn’t have enough people to match with.

Patook is the only app I’ve found so far that does exactly what is says it will do, match you with platonic friends in your area based on your similar algorithms.  In other words, if you mention “cheese in your profile it will also match you with people who list “cheese”  in their profiles (a match in heaven?).  Plus, if you try to send any kind of flirty message it will not let you enter the message until you change it, which is a great filter.

3) Purrfect Spirits

The plot of this game is simple.  You’re a ghost and you take care of ghost cats.  Yes it’s basic but you get to watch cats play with various cute items that you buy (such as a stack of pillow pancakes) and have cat parties.

4) DailyArt

This app shows you a masterpiece each day, and provides background information on the work.  It’s great for getting your creative juices flowing!

5) News360

Unlike news apps catered to one subject (such as Forbes having only Business news), News360 allows you to pick all your favorite subjects, that way you know what is whatever fields you are interested in.  This way, you totally don’t have to page through unimportant articles about Kate Gosselin.

All apps can be downloaded via Google Play





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