New Garden Restaurant (Ft. Thomas, KY) Day Trip

new garden.jpg

Photo via Yelp


In my lifetime I have been to many Chinese restaurants and I truly have loved almost every one for different reasons.

The Asian Buffet in Florence, KY has a great variety for your buck, and the owner’s charisma shines through with his smile.  China Star in Crestview Hills makes everything quickly and in college I loved getting their $5 lunch student discount.  Kung Food in Covington has fantastic spicy options.  Hidden Dragon in Highland Heights has a unique egg roll.

Still, my favorite in the Northern Kentucky area is New Garden.

The vegetable lo-mein was just all right, in my opinion it needed more vegetables.  The spring rolls were not the best I’ve had.  However, I fell in love with the atmosphere.  The restaurant has low dimmed lights and a fish tank.  My boyfriend and I sat at a window booth, watching the dreary slight drizzle of rain outside on the paved stone streets, and I felt overwhelmingly comforted.  The waitresses was very polite and friendly, smiling when I said “thank you” in Chinese, and she made us feel at home.

I recommend going on a dull day to New Garden in Fort Thomas.  You will feel warm and cozy.

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