Youngest Medal of Honor Winner (Southgate KY)


William Horsfall, Youngest Medal of Honor Soldier


William Horsfall joined the military in 1861 at the very young age of 14 when he ran away from home.  He enlisted as a drummer, and only a year later, saved a wounded officer in the battlefield.  To date he is the youngest person in Kentucky to receive the Medal of Honor, an award created by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861 for 3,500 soldiers.

horsfeld heatshot

After his claimed award, he continued to serve in the military and partook in several battles.  He was captured in 1863 and held in the Georgia Andersonville prison camp.  When he was released, he became the commander of the William Nelson Grand Army of the Republic in Newport, KY.  Eventually he enlisted as a veteran.

He is now buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate, KY and can be seen lying among other civil war soldiers.



Crawford-Lackey, Katie.  Explore KY History


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