Sculpture Park (Travel to Fairfield, OH)

Since I’ve lived in Northern Kentucky for at least 16 years, I’ve been to the Cincinnati Museum of Art a handful of times and I’ve always enjoyed myself.  They always have different exhibits to enjoy along with everyday favorites (like an Egyptian mummy I still check out every time I enter). Hyde Park, attached to the Museum is a nice walk with a couple sights and sculptures in between.

When I drove into Sculpture Park however, I was entering a different world.  On that particular day I was feeling confused about my direction in life, and everywhere I stepped the art seem to echo my reflections.  For example, this sculpture made of canoes that represented the twists and turns of life:


The weather was cloudy and windy, the preliminaries of a forthcoming rain.  This circle sculpture was made entirely out of rubber:


I came across a pavilion and was happy to see flowers lighting up the dreary day, followed by a beautiful colorful sculpture.


The walk cleared my chattering head and reminded me of the beautiful simple things in life.  I sat by a local lake, stroking the fuzzy heads of grass (which I still want to know the name of).


These pictures are only some of the sculptures I saw.  The Sculpture Park is incredibly awe-inspiring with a gallery attached.  It is an hour from Cincinnati and worth every moment.

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