Garden of Hope (Covington, KY) Travel and Religious Thoughts



burning bush @cov park

jesus park @covington2

A couple years ago I almost ended my life.  I was in a very dark place and felt like all my dreams were being completely shattered.  During this dark time I felt like I was in a deep hole I couldn’t get out of, and my spiritual thoughts suffered.  I was questioning life and existence.

I’ve never been exactly a “religious” person.  While I did go to a Catholic college and it did change my perspective on people who follow religion, I’ve never felt like I was a part of any affiliation.  Personally I feel that choosing one faith and not being open to others can be a bit dangerous, creating blockages toward other people who are “different”.   Yet the idea of religion fascinates me and I’ve always seen a truth in most concepts, incorporating many ideas from every religion (and lack thereof) into my own life.  This is why currently I am dating a self-proclaimed Atheist even though I believe in a higher power–I believe that anything is possible and everyone has a right in what they believe.  I’m no perfect angel, I’m not saying I haven’t struggled with this like the majority of our population. However, I believe that we should continue trying our hardest to avoid judgement on people, because many times these “judgement” thoughts end up being false.

Regardless, I heard about the Garden of Hope and thought it was incredible spiritually and historically that someone wanted to make a replica of Jesus’s tomb.  In my dark time I felt lead there by the higher power in my life.

The Garden of Hope exists on a high hill at the top of Covington, KY near Cincinnati, overlooking our authentic history.  It has rocks from thousands of years ago.  It has religious statues.  But the thing that caught my heart strings was this small red tree in front of the paved pathway, which for a moment I thought was a Burning Bush.

I’m not going to say this bush healed my life forever, but throughout my life it has created a lasting impact, a higher reminder to not let my light die.  To keep burning in the face of darkness.

If you ever get time, I recommend heading to this sanctuary to reconnect.  Regardless of your religion, it is visually breathtaking and spiritually awakening.





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