Mt. Adams Macchiato at Bow Tie (Short Day Travel)

Every time I go to Mt. Adams in Cincinnati, I feel like I’m in the backstreets of Italy.  Located on the giant hill, the roads are quaint and lined with stone.  The houses are historic and artistic, packed together closely.

This time I am drawn to the community for Brazilian coffee, my favorite, since I read online that someone got one at Bow Tie Cafe.  Plus, I remembered that my old friend performed her music at this cafe.  In the sky towering above the restaurant is Immaculate Church, a place my friends and I explored years ago when it was being remodeled (side not, it does not have the upside down tree it once did, sadly).

Bow Tie Cafe inside

Photo via Cincinnati

The barista had never heard of a Brazilian before, which is when I realized maybe I read the wrong cafe website? Instead I decided to try something I’ve never tried before, an Italian Macchiato.  While I’ve liked straight black coffee or espresso before, one sip of this concoction made me wince.  While it came in an adorable authentic little cup, like the ones you would see in Rome, the aftertaste was awful for me.  I tried to add sugar, but it remained incredibly bitter and I ultimately decided I couldn’t drink the rest (a sheer first for me in trying coffee).  Apparently I am not a Macchiato fan!  The rustic environment decor was great and a man seated next to me seemed to be enjoying his food so much he had gone up to order some more, but the chairs were so small and didn’t compliment my spine, stopping short halfway up my back.

Because of the bad experience, I most likely will not be returning, however i can positively say their food looks very delicious and unique.  I recommend taking a walk in Mt. Adams regardless of what restaurant you decide to stop in; it’s always a great scenic stopping point for Cincinnati.

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