Jane’s Saddlebag in Union, Kentucky (Travel Memory)

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Jane’s Saddlebag.   I was in high school and my dad drove me on his motorcycle. The tourist attraction is hidden within thick Kentucky forest overgrowth, on a side road near Big Bone Lick park.  Part restaurant and part historical landmark, it replicates the older history of our rivers (OH and KY) from a 1700’s KY perspective, and includes a replica of a flatboat.

Conveniently the restaurant portion has motorcycle parking near the front, and when we dismounted I immediately was interested in the petting zoo across the street. The owners let us in, and I was able to pet a sheep and some goats who had coincidentally just had babies.  After getting animal love, we passed a musician on the outside of the restaurant, who had an acoustic guitar in his hands and was playing classic rock song covers.  We took a look out back at the old town reenactment and my dad locked me in “jail” (there wasn’t any lock luckily).  Inside the restaurant my dad bought me a Coke in a glass bottle, and even though I have always been a Pepsi girl, I admire soda inside bottles for visual enjoyment.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The best part of the journey was the fantastic food. We ordered barbecue chicken and some corn on the cobb.  The chicken was so tender and juicy it fell off the breast that to this day I tell anyone that is was the best chicken I have ever eaten, and I mean this sincerely.  I vocalized this out loud, and my mother was offended yet insisted I tell our hostess/cook this, waiving her over.  She was taken aback by my reaction, laughing something like “I didn’t know it was THAT good,” and telling us how she made it (if I remember this right, it involved foil and just an oven).

Jane’s Saddlebag is a fantastic place to spend your weekend.  It has history, food, and animals.  What could be better?


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