Agriculture Haven (UK Extension Office, Highland Heights KY)

In the front of Northern Kentucky University next to Lakeside Commons is the University of Agriculture’s Extension office.  This building provides free Agriculture classes to people who plan to grow, particularly food.



One day when I was at the local library I saw an advertisement for free classes at the Extension Office. Since I had an interest–I worked at a Garden center this summer, I decided to try it out.  I went on one of my days off to a Produce Best Practices class, and was joined by some serious business people who were farmers.  As the teacher went through the slides quickly, I was intimidated because I didn’t get to ask all the questions burning in my mind.  I felt out of place as the instructor let us know there would be a test at the end.  Looking at the test, I felt I couldn’t answer the questions considering I had never taken a class and the teacher skipped a lot of material, so I left.

Even though I was frustrated I didn’t get to learn everything, I learned some interesting concepts, such as how to keep produce fresh (it sounds simpler than it really is).  I also received a free booklet and got a certification in the mail latter.

The Extension Office provides so much free information for our college community, which is why it is one of my favorite places to visit.  On my birthday the Office happened to be having a “community appreciation” day.  I got to pet a goat, learn about how bees work, and what students are growing in our own backyard.  In addition to the free information they offer–they have booklets and articles insides–the landscape is gorgeous.  The flowers are arranged in a pleasant decorative manner, and their layout is very creative, so I personally like the design even better than the Cincinnati Botanical Gardens.  Overlooking the arrangement is a small quaint pond, for ducks to hold meetings (just kidding).

I thoroughly recommend a visit to the UK Extension Office.  You’ll love what you find.


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