Airplane Mails and Pleasant Ridge Tales (Cincinnati Travel)


Early in the morning I headed down to Lunken Airport in California, OH.  As a daughter of a retired military pilot, aircraft has always picked my spirits up.  Since I had been to the National Museum of the US Air Force in Ohio, I was thrilled that there was a local airplane museum near me.

Stepping into the museum, I was surprised to find it to be in a small office room.  An elderly man named Dan cornered me to tell me all about the artifact surrounding the room.  He explained how Lunken Airport used to be part of a mail transport company, bringing in letters from all over the world.  He explained how everyone switched from boats to planes in the area after being flooded many times in the area.  I asked him how he could afford getting an airplane license, as today they are very expensive, and he answered that everything was cheaper back then.  I thanked him for the brief stories, and drove away happy that there was an area near me for airplane fanatics.

Since I always look for different comic book stores, I searched for the closest one near me, and drove all the way to “Pleasant Ridge” in Cincinnati, to visit Queen City Comics.  However, it was Everybody’s Records across the street that caught my eye.


The moment I walked into the store I felt teary-eyed.  Every inch of of the store was covered in music, from a wall of buttons to a T-shirt wall. The CD racks were organized not only alphabetically, but with clever graphic art dividers.  Green day was drawn in big punk green letters.

One of the workers noticed me in almost tears and said, ” You haven’t been to a record store in awhile huh?”  To which I shouted over Van Halen on the speakers, “No!  I didn’t know stores like this still existed!”  I could tell the workers put their hearts into everything, so I ended up being persuaded into buying 3 albums.  One was Minor Threat (self-title) since I always need more punk in my life.  I also got a Sneaker Pimp’s record which was recommended to me by my friend.  Last but not least, I found an album I was dying to have–Fiona Apple’s When the Pawn.. which includes the addictive song “Paper Bag.”

Since there was also a coffee shop across the street, I indulged myself with a Blondie Espresso before heading off to enjoy the sunny day.  The drink was literally one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had. Light and creamy tasting, I wondered if it had any white chocolate in the mixture.

The Lunken airport is worth seeing at least once if you live in the Cincinnati area.  However, Pleasant Ridge will definitely be a place I will be visiting again.

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