Why Punk Music Calms Me Down

While many think “aggressive” music can increase your anger and violence levels, multiple research articles prove otherwise.  There have been many studies performed, which have proved even hard-core metal can have a calming effect.  Why is this?

Most of my life I have felt like I was an alien outsider who didn’t belong or fit in anywhere.  Because of this, I have dealt with a lot of anger about my situation.  Punk artists write lyrics about being an outcast.  There’s Simple Plan’s “Welcome to my Life” where frustrated Pierre Bouvier sings “are you desperate to find something more, before your life is over?”  Sum 41  in “In Too Deep” sang about trying to keep from drowning in life.  Good Charlotte would sing to “everyone who has every been called a FREAK.”

Listening to these songs remind me that I am not alone, but just one freak in a bigger community.  It doesn’t make me sleepy the way smooth R&B does, and it reminds me of my happy early millennium childhood, full of stud belts and vintage band T-shirts.  In other words, it makes me feel like my authentic self.

Many punk songs also make me get up and want to dance. From the Nerves “Hanging on the Telephone” which would later be covered by Blondie to the newer Punk Pop like “Shake It” by Metrostation (side note, what happened to Trace?).

What’s your favorite punk album? Let me know in my comments!


*Photo of The Dictators justsomepunks.blogspot.com*

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