Culture at CoSI (Columbus OH Travel)


Photo via Jamie Hastings-Smith,

Since my boyfriend and I are Science nerds, we drove two hours to Columbus, wanting a chance to expand our knowledge.  My head was full of Bill Nye experiments, like making a tornado with water and old plastic bottles.  I wondered if they would have anything involving bubbles.

There were many interactive spots within the museum, like a wheel of centrifugal force, or the effect of energy on water.  A environmental room showed the amount of energy used to power the different types of light bulbs.

The showstopper for me was a historical reproduction of American towns, which was called “Progress”.  Taking a journey through the 1800s to the 1960s was eye opening, to say the least.  Another great exhibit was a “Dinosaur Gallery” where we were forced to come face to face with our ancestors.

Despite there being so many hands on science and history exhibits, I was surprised by the amount of culture surrounding us.  During the time we walked around, we saw African children in traditional clothing, and German visitors.  There were kids of different ethnicity.  Another exhibit was about food eaten by people in various countries; with a picture of a family from each part of the world, next to an exhibit about the Silk Road.  The influences of this culture stuck with us as we drove home.

CoSi was worth the drive, and I hope everyone can experience it at least once in their life.


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