Buona Terra & Indigenous (Cincy) Day Travel

After visiting Arcadian comics in Newport, a craving for a sno-cone came over me.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.  Many years ago at Taste of Cincinnati, I had a Lemon Blueberry sorbet.  I plugged in “sorbet near me” and was reminded of the shop Buona Terra, determined to fill my tongue with good sweetness again.

When I arrived I saw a familiar high school face, which was perfect timing because I had messed up my makeup in the morning, so I looked like a day hooker.  I swallowed my embarrassment to ask about sorbet, but she instantly shut me down, explaining they didn’t have any for the day.  Instead she let me try a Strawberry sorbet, which satisfied my ice cravings but didn’t wow me the way the Lemon Blueberry did.  I also took a look around Mt. Lookout, which in my opinion is a town of fancy architecture, but not a happening place if you’re looking for something more than food.

I continued West and once again found myself on on the beloved Madison Rd. I noticed a shop with many wind chimes and garden art in the display cases, something I hadn’t noticed the first time.  Smiling as I walked into the store, I passed rustic metal and colored glass twisted every which way, taking me back to the love of the art garden in Harriet the Spy.  The most interesting thing was a “Fish Witch” with an interesting story. However, looking at the price, I knew I was in an expensive store.  This made total sense, as painted glass is generally crafted carefully, however I was bummed I couldn’t get wind chimes to spruce up my home.


In summary, if you have money to spend and you like food, these two places are fair game.  If you are mostly broke like me, there are other attractions in Cincinnati that are better value.

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