Travel to Findlay Market (First Time Visit)

Even though I have lived near Cincinnati for over 10 years, I had never experienced the market, mostly due to random things, such as not having friends or always working weekends.  I made a lunch date with my new online friend to meet her for the first time.  Just like I thought, she was silly and very nice with an open mind.

The Mediterranean shop was intoxicating, the smells stuck in my nostrils.  Unfortunately since I don’t cook too much–I eat but hardly prepare–I couldn’t tell you what spices were superb to cook with, only that all the spice smells were fantastic.

There were all types of goodies at the market, from hemp jewelry to incense, and of course food for days.  I spied a huge juicy tomato for $2 and had to delve in.  People wore leather bracelets, tie dye, and headbands so I fit right in with my Amazon moccasins I bought years ago.

I also tried Vietnamese food for the first time, and the waitress recommended the Banh Mi Chay to go, which I agreed looked fantastic.  My new friend laughed at me when I took a bite and had to pause in sheer bewilderment.  It was the perfect blend of crunchy and sweet.

Next, I saw the below display and stopped in my tracks, in awe over the beautiful artifact collection on sale.  I ended up buy the Obsidian I have been seeking for awhile, in the shape of a necklace I can wear around me for protection.


To finish off the evening, we stopped in Churchill’s Fine teas, where they had a sample of Cinnamon orange black tea, and I couldn’t get enough of it.  We both agreed that a tea called Reiki smelled superb.

As the sun went down, I felt very happy to have experienced a landmark of Cincinnati, and felt more connected to the world around me.

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