Florence, KY Antique Mall (Day Travel)

April 18th, 2018

Where can you find a picture of the Lobster boy, a crystal lazer sculture of the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, and Stevie Nicks-like leather hat from the 70s?

The answer (other than online) is the Florence, KY Antique Mall, one of my absolutely favorite places in the area.  If you like history, I can promise you that you won’t walk out disappointed.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much organization in the building, which is my only critique.  In other words, if you walk in looking for Wayfares, there is not a specific section for just sunglasses. Instead, sunglasses are on every corner and you really have to keep your eyes peeled at every crook and cranny.  While this may be every organized person’s nightmare and it does take a little more time (if you’re on the run, I don’t advise just “stopping in”), it’s fun for people like me that like rummaging through things to find “treasures” and it really makes your finds a great surprise.

I went into the store looking for a mood ring and possibly a Polaroid camera.  However I was ecstatic about seeing cat earrings (feature photo), old spoons in the shape of faces, and Flamingo salt and pepper shakers (which I actually purchased). Although it was very hard for me to walk away from the Pete’s Dragon tin lunch box, I was very happy I found the items I did.



They have absolutely everything, from 1800s matchboxes to plates of Donnie & Marie.  It’s tempting to buy everything but even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great way to walk through and learn about history.

For more information or for directions, You can check out more photos at their official website here:






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