Comics 2 Games (Florence, KY)

comics 2

Photo via YELP

When I walked into the store, I internally freaked out.   Although I have been in several comic book stores, this one was packed with clever merchandise along the walls and in corners. There was a giant Joker bust statue and organized walls of book publishers, such as Vertigo–a comic book producer I need to get into.

Another unique things about the store is that it has classic pinball machines, and you can play them with just quarters, such as an epic one with the Simpsons.  Also, if you haven’t heard, they sometimes give out free comic books (

As always, I hit up the $1-$5 boxes and was surprised to find some Japanese comics that normally aren’t in the box at all (Wayward, the Tomorrows).

Upon checkout I was fascinated with a small collectible doll in a long black Victorian dress.  The cashier and a wandering customer explained that the character was Death, a girl in The Sandman with a scar under her left eye.  It was in that moment I felt proud to be a Gothic comic book fan, and I must read about her someday.

All in all, will definitely be returning to that particular location to get more comic books.  I got exactly what I came in for, cheap Japanese and Gothic comics, something that is rare to find and makes me happy.

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