Scene 45 Blacklight Mini Golf (Milford, OH Day Travel)

My former work gave us a $20 free card for arcade games at Scene 45, one of the best gifts I’ve received from a company yet.  While I didn’t stay at the company because it wasn’t a great fit, my boyfriend and I has so much fun one winter day playing mini golf.

The best part about Scene 45 was the 3D glow-in-the-dark blacklight mini golf that completely made me feel like I was tripping on acid.

You’re given 3D glasses to wear along the game and as you go along all the glowing art pops out at you.  Some of the images are moving pictures, and some just really jump out at you.  We chose the “Sea” theme, and were hypnotized by moving bubbles, whale moans, giant sharks, and pirate ships.  Truly I felt like someone had placed me into a horror version of the old 1990s computer game Freddie Fish.

Scene 45 also has a lazer maze, but we couldn’t use out card on it.  Instead, we faced off on Dance Dance Revolution (we were both terrible), killed zombies together with a crossbow, and ate some tootsie rolls from the claw machine.  The cherry on top however, was the insanely trippy mini golf. (Note: featured image is not actual in Milford, but it was very similar looking)

I recommend spending time here–we were rewarded by the intense blacklight scene, and a fuzzy slap bracelet for simply playing games.


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