Nittha Siam Kitchen Experience (Highland Heights)

One rainy day in March, I decided to dine at Nittha Siam Kitchen since I have had Thai food before in Milford, OH and completely loved it.

While waiting on my food to be prepared, I took a look around, and noticed a lot of intricate decorations like hanging lights.  I was enlightened by the tile pattern on the bar.

insides of siam kitchen bar

To my right, an older Thai woman was eating a multiple layer cake, and I told her that it looked very good; she smiled at me.  Later, a female cook came out and talked with the elderly cake woman.  They both laughed about a joke, and it made me smile.   When I got my food, I thanked them in Thai and they were very surprised I knew how to say it.

My food of choice was the Pad Pak Ruam, a mix of chicken and vegetables in garlic, which came with a side of sticky rice.  I was in food heaven.  While some may consider just garlic to be a basic seasoning, this dish was packed with a hearty, tasty, garlic sauce.  The chicken in the Pad Pak Ruam was saturated with the garlic, making it soft and juicy, it practically fell apart itself (Note: Above food picture is not from this kitchen, it is from WordPress blogger “inhee” in Canada, but the meal looked very similar).

I can’t wait to go back to reward my taste buds another time.

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