Communication Criminals


Call me crazy, but I thought Communication was fairly simple in today’s world.  You talk about yourself and then allow another person to talk about themselves.  You ask a question; they answer and ask you a question.  Repeat.

So why is it that often I see these bogus profiles on social media websites?  Does anyone actually respond to these profiles?  And if you are a criminal or creep who just wants to get someone’s information, why aren’t you using a fake picture? Don’t you think that more people will respond to you if you put more information besides “want to talk to you?”  Or is only one word, “hey” your lazy way of saying “I literally have nothing interesting to say but we can just exchange greetings for an hour.”

It’s not just people from foreign countries either.  In America on a daily basis, I try to get people talking often and I get short little snippets of information I can absolutely do nothing with.


Me: So what kind of hobbies are you into?  Did you do anything this weekend?

Them: I just sleep.

Me: Oh, cool cool..Me too…

*awkward silence for 15 minutes*

Look, I’ve been there before where not much was happening in my life so I didn’t say a lot, and not everyone is going to get alone or understand each other…but my main point is that if you want people to communicate, try actually expressing your thoughts.  Ask Open-ended questions.  Read more and pick up hobbies.  I promise, you will have a more fulfilling life.


Author’s note: I did infact take this exact profile description off of, although I am hiding the name for privacy of course.

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