Hemptations & BonBonerie (Madison Rd. Day Travel)

Since I had an interview near the area, I decided to stop by the highly talked about Hemptations, which is truly a stoners dream.  Besides the multiple references to cannabis, they have everything hemp from clothing to infused drinks.  While talking to another girl about products, I felt something furry around my legs, so I turned and there was a giant white fluffy wolf with blue eyes staring at me.

Ok, so it wasn’t a wolf, but it was a giant white siberian husky dog, who allowed me to hug and love on him and apparently inhabits the store with the owners.  I stepped into the back of the store and geeked out at the biggest collection of incense I have ever seen.  It had everything from Cannabis smelling sticks to Lily or Sage.  I selected Raspberry and “Voodoo”, a sweet smelling concoction, as Temple of the Dog played on the overhead speakers.  I asked the cashier if I would be haunted since I picked the “Voodoo” stick, and he said no, but to stay away from “Dragon’s Blood” because it caused changes in his life.  The guy cashiers also recommended the BonBonerie next door for some good “munchie” time.

Conveniently next store, The BonBonerie looks like a typical cafe.  Chalk-written boards were hanging, and the counter was full of enticing bakery items.  I ordered the “Vegetarian Spring Sandwich” to go with a “Carmel Walnut Bar.”

It wasn’t until I unwrapped my meal that I decided the Cafe was now my favorite I have been to yet.  The sandwich was absolutely incredible, with a variety of textures from the dill bread to the crunchy cucumbers, and the fresh smooth avocado.  Included with the sandwich was another surprise–some kettle chips, fruit, and a small vanilla cookie–things I had no idea would come with the meal.  Everything was fresh and packaged carefully with love.  For the finale, the carmel walnut bar was so sweet and rich, I could hear my mouth thanking me as it melted into my mouth.

If you are ever in the area, I strongly recommend these two great locations!

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