Comparison of Jungle Jims (Eastgate Vs. Fairfield) in Cincinnati, OH

My friend Audra had never been to Jungle Jims and I was so excited to show her.  We decided to meet up.   We called each other to figure out where we were until after an hour, we realized we were both in the two different locations.  I ended up driving up to Fairfield, where she was, but in the meantime I have noticed the following differences between the two:

1)  Eastgate is WAY bigger (google confirmed this is true)

2) Fairfield has more of an elaborate statue display outside.  They have the subway, a garden center, and a giant giraffe statue

3) Eastgate has an arcade corner complete with old airplane seats (this was my favorite part of the store near the liquor)

4) Fairfield has a giant tree next to the British section

5) Fairfield has a terrifying talking soup can

6) Fairfield has a Starbucks

7) Eastgate has a huge hippie colorful VW bus near organic foods

8) Eastgate has a larger selection of incense.  Fairfield has one shelf…Eastgate has a wall in the India section.

9) Eastgate has a giant Candy castle

10) The cheese shop is bigger in Eastgate

Overall, I liked the Eastgate a lot more.  Maybe it’s because it’s larger or since it’s closer to me so I go more often, but the second I saw that giant soup can I was truly scared for my life in Fairfield.

Hey Cincinnati people!  Do you prefer one Jungle Jim to the other? Shout out why in the comments.


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