Businesses Need Both A & B Personalities


There is a common misconception that only “A” personalities can be leaders.  The type of people who are very energetic and hard-headed to a fault, making them dedicated to the goal.  As a “B” personality I admire these personalities for following through with their goals, but I also believe that sometimes “A” personalities overlook “B” personalities and this a a huge mistake.  While “B” types may be a little bit lazy and tend to start many projects without finishing them,  when “B” personalities are motivated they are magical, dedicated, and can work toward goals.  They just need to feel supported and wanted.

One of my favorite quotes of all time by a professional pilot (I forget his name) says something like: “There are astronauts that go to the moon, but the dreamer imagined putting the man on the moon to begin with.”  He is telling the world to not underestimate the dreamer creative types because they are crucial.

While I admire these “A” personality types who get things done, mine at work always really motivate me to get my butt in gear, in multiple work places I have seen them not include others in projects because of their ego.  The reality is that when “B” types are not supported and overlooked, many of them succumb into depression, or start complaining about work, leading to futility.

For many years I have gotten angry at these stubborn “A” personality types .  I couldn’t understand why these  “A” people can not look past the other side apart from themselves and are unwilling to change.  Furthermore, many of these types are always given leader roles just because they feel the need to be a boss, while the “B” is pushed under a rug and has to go along with ideas that are sometimes wrong.  Frankly, these thoughts depressed me.  However, after lots of research, I decided that they are just simple (sometimes stubborn) minded people who like to complete tasks and forget to look around them.

The key to a great workplace is to have both types of people working on projects or getting things accomplished.  If you put two types of “B” personalities together they might just goof off and not get work done (I’m so guilty).  If you put two “A” personalities together, they will just keep fighting over stuff that needs to get done, because they are both stubborn and driven by their own agendas.  Therefore, the true path to getting stuff done lies in the combination of these two personalities.  Both sides need to understand the other to truly thrive together, and if both can do it, companies would be way better off.

This is just my personal opinion.

*PHOTO via @shananigansen,*


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