Why Facebook Groups Makes the Website Worth Keeping

Starting April 2018, I will be deactivated my Facebook.

At the time I thoroughly didn’t enjoy Facebook the way I used to in college, when all the people I followed were in my FB friends list and I would ask these people about what they posted when I saw them in person.  But after college it has felt like a leech on my skin that I can’t get rid of, sucking my overall happiness as I watch other people  talking about things that I usually don’t have an interest in but feel obligated to read just because they are there.

Also, scientific studies have shown that  Facebook leads to depression.  Just google and you will find multiple articles (example: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/what-mentally-strong-people-dont-do/201603/science-explains-how-facebook-makes-you-sad).

In general, I found that I was mostly better without Facebook. I communicated more with people.  However, I was quickly persuaded to come back because of one function on the website.  Groups is a fantastic feature that allows you to engage with anyone in a topic you love, that way you aren’t flooded with things you could care less about.

The moment I started learning to utilize Facebook groups, I became more involved in my community.  My view on Facebook being an evil corporation has changed.  I no longer feel sad that I can’t get involved, because now I can find friends with similar interests!

If you are going through a similar crisis, I highly recommend getting involved with this activity.  It will change your perspective!


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