Tired of seeing the same posts of luxury travelers on Instagram?

You know, the ones where the hot girls are posing against cobbled walls in some exotic country.  The ones that never show behind the scenes but the smoke and mirrors of traveling.

I’m not like that.  This is why I have posted a dorky picture of me as a young child, kayaking.  I am an average looking girl with an average budget overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder and learning about the world by traveling.

My GOAL is to inspire people who don’t see the hidden gems in their own living situation, and let them know that they can have whatever they want in life.  I also want to help the medical system in any way, particularly providing healing and fun to other people going through traumatic times.

**UPDATE** Due to budget reasons, I can no longer afford traveling and posting consistently the way I used to. You’ll still enjoy my local U.S. adventures so hit that “blog” tab!